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Daniel Dash

város: Budapest
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Daniel Dash

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Daniel's story began in the mid 90s, when he started to learn play on the piano for seven years. He has always been dedicated to house music, and in a couple of years he started to wrote his own tracks.

Meanwhile, Daniel’s dj career has also evolved. From his hometown to Budapest he had the opportunity to play in the most important clubs, and at Lake Balaton as well in the summer seasons.

In the past 2 years he made a lot of tracks and remixes under the label ‘Play & Tonic’ and also collaborated some songs with the Hungarian formation called Used Disco. His tunes are quite successful on the house charts month by month, so some fine & groovy house music are expected from Daniel Dash next year as well.

Bemutatkozó videó

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Évszám(ok) Klub, rendezvény, stb. neve Település
2014 Sunset Bar Balatonfüred
2014 Miniatűr Bar Budapest
2013-2014 Hecc Café Budapest
2012 Traxx Club Siófok
2011-2014 Bacardi Music Cafe Siófok
2011, 2013 Renegade Pub Siófok
2011 Woodoo Club Siófok
2009-2013 THE CLUB West Side Székesfehérvár
2009- FiveX Bowling Center Székesfehérvár

Hivatalosan megjelent saját dalok/remixek

Évszám Előadó Cím Link
2014 Beerplease Stocking On The Wall (Original Mix)
2013 Roland P What Can U Do (Daniel Dash Remix)